Customer Profiles

It is intended for the competitive athlete of any sport, from the more traditional ones such as football, volleyball, tennis and athletics to the most modern ones such as triathlon, trekking and adventure racing. It also serves athletes of any age, from children to masters, and of different levels of proficiency, ranging from newly federated to Olympic level.


Assessment protocols are handcrafted to meet the athlete´s needs within the phase of their training cycle. As an example of this, we have the possibility to assess the aerobic condition on treadmills (capable of reaching up to 24 km/h), cycle ergometers for lower limbs and upper limbs with electromagnetic resistance, and state-of-the-art remoergometers, prioritizing the use of protocols for ramp.


Athletes undergo a specialized evaluation in Exercise Medicine, with well-individualized protocols and the most specific ergometer, prioritizing answering two basic questions: is there health to participate in competitive sports and how to optimize their sports performance and improve performance.