Customer Profiles

CLINIMEX serves a wide range of customers, always focused on the guidance and use of physical exercise as a tool to promote health and improve performance and physical-sports performance. We serve from the sedentary individual to the regular exerciser, from the chronically ill to the professional athlete, from children to the elderly, men and women, and exercise guidance is carried out in accordance with individual goals and health goals established in the initial consultation. We work together with your treating physician for the best quality of your health


Non-Competitive Exercise Guidance


It is intended for customers who want to start or continue a regular exercise program and whose health has no restrictions for this practice. For this type of client, CLINIMEX offers a very complete evaluation in Exercise Medicine, from which practical guidelines are extracted that will provide the realization of a safe and efficient physical exercise program.


Supervised Exercise Program Orientation


It is intended for the client who intends to start a physical exercise program with direct medical supervision, either by personal choice or by clinical need. For this type of client, CLINIMEX offers a very detailed evaluation in Exercise Medicine, from which subsidies are obtained to implement a highly individualized and detailed program of aerobic, strengthening and flexibility exercises to be developed within the scope of CLINIMEX.


Competitive Sport Orientation


It is aimed for the competitive athlete of any sport, from the more traditional ones such as volleyball, tennis and athletics to the most modern and rare ones such as triathlon, trekking and adventure racing. It also serves athletes of any age, from children to masters, and of different levels of proficiency, ranging from newly federated to Olympic level. Assessment protocols are handcrafted to meet the athlete´s needs within the phase of their training cycle. As an example of this, we have the possibility to assess the aerobic condition on treadmills (capable of reaching up to 24 km/h), cycle ergometers of lower and upper limbs and remoergometers, all state-of-the-art, prioritizing the use of ramp protocols. These athletes undergo a specialized evaluation in Exercise Medicine, prioritizing answering two basic questions: is there health for participating in competitive sports and how to optimize their sports performance.


Clinical Diagnosis


It is intended for clients who present abnormalities in their physiological responses to physical exercise whose cause is not clearly established – cardiac, pulmonary or muscular limitation or simple physical deconditioning.  This is well exemplified by the client who presents dyspnea (shortness of breath) or exertion intolerance (exaggerated tiredness) when exerting light or moderate exertion. These clients benefit greatly from the ventilatory measures performed during the cardiopulmonary exercise test, which, together with the cardio-circulatory data and the signs and symptoms presented or reported, allow, in most cases, to obtain a definitive clinical diagnosis.


Supervised Exercise Program


It is intended for customers who wish to carry out a regular exercise program at CLIMINEX in the best possible conditions. The exercise sessions are carried out at times and days of the client´s free choice, ensuring great flexibility and pleasure, with extremely individualized service, provided by a physician, a Physical Education professional and a Nursing staff, using the latest equipment and high technical quality -scientific. The session is prescribed daily by the physician responsible for the session. Exercise intensity is permanently monitored by heart rate monitors. Equipment for measuring blood pressure, electrocardiogram, arterial oxygen saturation and blood glucose are always available and used according to individual clinical needs. Finally, for the safety of all customers, the team is trained and equipped to deal with any clinical emergencies.